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Track Your Artists...and Win

Each week, the new eTracks charts are released. Like clockwork, they become public knowledge on Fridays at noon, Pacific Time. At that very moment, all of your data will be automatically updated, and you'll receive an email letting you know how each of your artists did for the week.

Obviously, you'll be ecstatic if an artist went up the charts and made you even more money than the week before. You'll be OK with things if they dropped a bit, and you'll be concerned if they're on a downward slide, or (yikes!) have dropped off the charts.

If you have to, you may want to drop one artist in favor of another, revenue producing artist. That's called an Artist Switch, and you need to be careful when you execute them: you only get 2 free switches each season for each label you play. Any further drastic moves like that cost you $2 real dollars each, which you can purchase in a convenient pack of 5 for $10.

(By the way, during the Indie League pre-season, you can switch artists as much as you want. Go ahead. Go crazy. Be ruthless. But remember, you need to watch how the game plays out.)

On the other hand, maybe you know something others have missed: a new release from the same artist, an appearance on television that may spur a resurgence in sales, a scandal that puts them front and center and sells downloads like crazy. Whatever it is, use it to your advantage.

That's it! Repeat all that for 13 weeks, and hopefully, you'll be our big winner.

But only if you register your label - understood? Good. Now, if you want more detailed rules, continue clicking forward. Otherwise, go start a label by clicking on My Labels on the menu bar up there. And good luck.