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Multiple Chart Activity

If your artist appears on more than one eTracks chart for the week, you get income from each chart. If Eminem rocks on Pop and Urban, or Shania Twain kicks it on both Hot AC and Country at the same time, you get the money for both.

Tip: Listen carefully to every new artist that comes out, and check out their bios for past successes in various formats.

Multi-Artist tracks (duets, triads, etc.)

If a track is actually promoted as a true duet, where radio and television stations are mentioning each artist individually, and the cut is from an album that is credited as a duet, then the track will earn revenue for each artist you have on your label's roster. This does not include artists that invite all their friends into the studio to record a cut. This also applies if there are more that two equally credited artists. The call will be entirely up to the FML Commissioner, and the eTracks Charts will reflect the status of the track as a multi-artist track. Nelly, featuring Tim McGraw and Kelis featuring Andre 3000 are not duets. Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Lil' Kim doing Lady Marmalade is a true multi-artist track.

A&R Remainder

If you don't spend all $70,000,000 to sign your Artists, any remaining funds will sit in your A&R Budget, available for your use should you choose to switch. This remainder will also be used as a potential tie-breaker: if two Labels make exactly the same amount of revenue at the end of a game, the win will go to the Label with the higher A&R Remainder, reflecting the more efficient use of the Label's assets to achieve your winning status. There are other tie-breakers as well, discussed in the Tie Breaking section of these rules.

Tip: Do your research before beginning the process of signing your Artists; one of the tie-breakers is the number of seconds it takes a player to complete the process of signing all 10 artists to the Label Roster, beginning with the confirmation of the choice of the first Artist on the Label Roster, and ending with the clicking of the "I'm Sure...Let's Play!" button, finalizing the Label.

External Variants

You will earn a bonus of an additional 10% of each week's final revenue will also be based on the chart movements of the artists on each of the other recognized industry airplay and sales indicators, including Radio and Records and Billboard.