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Prizes - Fall 2005
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You're not doing this for your health, right? Here's what you can win each season with the Fantasy Music League:

Open League

Grand Prize - for the Label that generates the most revenue during the 13 week season

- US$500.00 in cash!
- An Apple iPod
- 50 Apple iTunes singles downloads or 5 Apple iTunes album downloads

To the victor go the spoils, and in this case, it's a cool five hundred bucks to make your celebration lavish. Spend it on a better computer, more downloads of of your favorite artists...whatever you want! Plus, we'll slide you a sweet iPod and a gob of tracks to fill it.

Second Prize

An Apple iPod - the most popular device Apple's ever marketed, it's a phenomena as well as gadgetry. And it's yours for coming in second.

Third Prize - Twentieth Prize (yep, we're awarding prizes 20 deep on the rankings)

- A CD Hit Pack/iTunes Download Pack
- An FML logo t-shirt

Mini League Winners

- US$100.00 in cash!
- 10-CD Hit Pack
- FML Logo'd t-shirt in each division

Private League Winners

- US$75.00 in cash!
- 10-CD Hit Pack
- FML Logo'd t-shirt