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FML Front Page and Article pages

There will be daily and weekly updates to the information you can find on the front page of the Fantasy Music League site, including artist headlines, analysis of the eTracks Charts, strategies, tips, player and league profiles and more. You never know what nugget you might find there that can help your Label out.

FML Commissioner's Office

This page is where FML rulings will be made, help can be obtained, and these rules are kept up to date.

The Net Music Countdown show, as well as The David Lawrence Show and Online Tonight, are excellent sources of information on your potential roster of artists. Every day, there's some new tidbit or update that could help you in your quest to win, so tune in to a station near you. You can also hear the shows via XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio. The complete schedules are available at the show sites - just click the links for the show you want information on.

We'll be sending you email the moment your artist has a new article written about them either on the Net Music Countdown site. You'll get one of these a day, rolling up all of the articles we've written on your label. These will come in an easy to scan headline format so that you can click on and read only the articles that interest you. You'll also get a weekly update as to your label's progress, with links back to your stats page on the Fantasy Music League site.

You'll get those two email messages for each label you create. Please make sure to whitelist "" and "" in any spam filter you or your ISP may be running. If the FML Commissioner gets word that your email is consistently bouncing, you'll run the risk of being disqualified from the season's competition and any prizes you may be eligible for. If your email address changes during the season, make sure to update your profile, respond to the confirmation email you'll receive, and whitelist the domains we mentioned, "" and "".