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Debut Bonus

When an artist first appears on an eTracks chart, and you add them to your roster, you'll receive a $250,000 Debut bonus added to your Label revenue.


Your artists can even achieve Diamond status, and generate an additional 10 percent in artist revenues for the week, by staying on the eTracks charts for all 13 weeks of the season.

eTracks Charts

These are the official charts of Internet sales, streaming and legal downloads, as compiled each week by the staff of the Net Music Countdown. There are 5 different eTracks charts, corresponding to each of the 5 FML formats: Alternative Rock, Pop Hits, Adult Hits, Urban/Hip Hop and Country.

We survey all major online music sources, such as the iTunes Music Store,, Radio @ AOL and dozens more, to rank every artist based on sales and web airplay. These eTracks charts are published each week on the Net Music Countdown website, as well as all FML Partner sites, and on radio and record industry sites like The eTracks Charts are the main indicator of how well your artists will do each week, and are published at noon Pacific time, 3:00pm Eastern time, each Friday.

Fantasy Music League

The Fantasy Music League is an online game that pits players against one another and lets them show just how knowledgeable they are about the music industry. Players win cash and prizes by being the best at managing a virtual music label.

FML Affiliate

You can play in the Fantasy Music League game directly, or you can play via one of the FML Partners. These Partners are organizations who have created a look and feel for the game that is matched to their website, and is usually played by their audience. Examples of FML Partners include the radio stations that carry the Net Music Countdown, large ISPs and online services, and the gaming channels of various websites. If you, for example, listen to the Net Music Countdown on one of its radio affiliates, you may go to that radio station's site and learn about the game there. If you then click on the Fantasy Music League links from that station's site, you're assigned to that FML Affiliate. FML Affiliates share in the revenue generated by their players.

For more information on becoming an FML Partner, go to our contact page, choose Affiliate information as your subject, and give us your contact information - we'll get right back to you.

FML Commissioner

The FML Commissioner is the arbiter of all rules, their application, and any conflicts that may occur during game play. Any rulings of the FML Commissioner are final.