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Create a Label

Start by looking over all the artists you have to choose from. There are a lot, but not all of them on on the charts at any given time - and the most important chart each week is the Net Music Countdown eTracks charts.

These charts are compiled each week from over 50 online reporters, including streaming sites, legal download sites, Gracenote/CDDB and online CD sales sites. Read articles on the artists, look at the eTracks charts for the last few weeks, months, or years, and take a moment to look at how much each artist will cost you.

When you fill in the roster for your label, you'll be choosing 2 artists from each of 5 genres, or formats of music: CHR (radio jargon for pop music), adult hits, alternative rock, urban and country. That's a total of 10 different artists for your label.

(Yeah, we know you don't know all of them as well as you should - that's why we give you the articles and the eTracks charts so you can get clued in on who's most popular.)

When you add each artist, the drop-down menu on the Roster page will list the artists currently on the eTracks charts first, and then all the rest of the artists in our database. Choose artists that you know have upcoming releases now, and you won't have to switch to them later. Or, choose the artists you think will last the longest on the charts, and forget the one-hit wonders.

Whatever your strategy, carefully spend some or all of your $70,000,000 A&R budget to sign 2 artists from each of the 5 genres of music we track.

You're halfway there. Now, it's time to get serious about the game.