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WeeK 2: FML Gets Very Own Standoff
Top 2 players bear twin rosters
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image of Laura KatzWeek 2 of our brand-spanking-new FML Spring season is here, and we've already got a showdown on our hands bewteen our two top labels in the Open League.

If you check out Stevemoose's "glastonbury3" and I Luv FML'!!!s "Jenny Baird Records," you will see that they are carrying identical rosters. How will we eventually determine a winner you may ask?

Easy. In the event that two or more Labels generate exactly the same revenue amount, there are several levels of tie-breakers. In each case, if the teams are still tied, the next tie-breaker will determine the winner. The levels are as follows:

1. Aggregate Label Value - the total value of the artists on your roster - higher breaks the tie.

2. A&R Remainder - higher remaining dollar amount at the end of the season breaks tie.

3. Number of Switches - least number of Switches executed breaks tie.

4. Still tied? The FML Commissioner tosses a coin and determines 1st and 2nd place.

That being said, it's still early in the season and as many of you FML players out there know by now, anything can happen when it comes to our eTracks charts.

This week, The Shins are hanging on to their #1 spot in Alternative, with Fall Out Boy jumping 3 spots to hit #2. My Chemical Romance slips a notch to land at #3, and Modest Mouse and Bloc Party make enough waves on the charts to join the remainder of the top 5.

Rise Against took a big leap from #20 to #11 this week with their hit single, "Prayer Of The Refugee."

Daughtry is heading up this week's CHR chart. "It's Not Over" climbed up 2 spots to reach its final destination at #1. Nickelback stays strong at #2, Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around" takes a hit, knocking him down to #3, Carrie Underwood enjoys a 3 spot boost, landing at #4, and Gym Class Heroes squeezes in to the top 5, climbing up 1 spot since last week.

Look out for Dierks Bentley on our Country charts. The artist jumped up a whopping 15 spots to hit #4 with the title track off his album, "Long Trip Home."

Carrie Underwood strikes again, this time at #1, Gary Allan is keeping it going at #2, Brooks & Dunn are at #3, and Kenny Chesney takes over 5th plave with "Beer In Mexico."

Let's also give a big NMC welcome to Cole Deggs and The Lonesome. The band is debuting on our Country charts this week at #20.

Our top 3 acts in Hot AC have decided to camp out for a while. Nickelback holds steady at #1, with Justin Timberlake and Fall Out Boy both hanging tight at #'s 2 and 3, respectively.

Carrie Underwood hopped up 2 spots to reach #4, and even though John Mayer took a 1 spot dip, he's still up there in the top 5 this week.

James Morrison is our second debut artist, landing at #14 with "You Give Me Something" off of the album

Akon rules the school on the Urban charts with his mega-hit "Dont Matter." Robin Thicke is on top of his game and staying strong in the #2 position, Lloyd is inching his way to the top this week, jumping up from the #5 to the #3 spot, and "Dreamgirls" castmates Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Hudson round out the Urban top 5.

Want to give your label a boost? Make sure you tune in to The Net Music Countdown show, as well as The David Lawrence Show and Online Tonight.

They are all excellent sources of information on your roster of artists. Every day, there's some new tidbit or update that could help you in your quest to win, so tune in to a station near you. You can also hear the shows via XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio. The complete schedules are available at the show sites - just click the links for the show you want information on.

Happy playing! Catch you back week 3!

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