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Dupri Disses Timberlake
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Jermaine Dupri, music mogul and boyfriend of Janet Jackson, has written a book about his rise to success. He says, "I'm giving people my perspective as a music person, who creates artists from scratch. In "The Making of a Mogul: Young, Rich and Dangerous," he calls Justin Timberlake "ordinary looking" and "a skinny white kid," and says the artist could be much bigger if he worked on his image.

He's not knocking JT's music, however, saying that part is incredible, but there's nothing else to go along with it.

Some media have said Dupri's knock comes as payback for Justin's criticism of Janet after the "wardrobe malfunction" during the Superbowl in 2004. His response - "I don't say anything about the SuperBowl in that whole statement."

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